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Is Dwight Howard trying to hard?

July 3, 2012

Never thought I would wake up everyday and check the sports section to see what team Dwight Howard wants to play for that day. It seems to change on a daily basis and the man is making this choice a drama scene that the NBA doesn’t need to deal with. After LeBron James made his choice to go to South Beach on a nationally televised show called “The Decision” we thought other stars in the NBA had learned how to make the right choices in free agency and off-season moves. Well we better think twice because the NBA is turning into a reality TV show with Dwight Howard treating his free agency like a modern day princess.

It all began when the Magic lost a few games last season and Stan Van Gundy as Dwight Howards frustration began to show with one another, resulting in Dwight Howard putting out a request to be traded to either the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, or the Los Angeles Lakers. With the Magics season starting to slide the frustration began to increase daily and it was a visible problem in Orlando. Weeks later Howard decided to add another team to his list and the Chicago Bulls were now in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes but only to drop out within a few weeks.

Things became interesting when rumors came out that Howard had the power to decide which coach he wanted in Orlando and which GM he wanted as well, bringing up numerous concerns with the direction of the franchise in Orlando. With Howard getting injured in the end of the season we saw some interesting moves once Howard’s season was officially over due to back surgery. May 21 was a changing day in the clubhouse of the Orlando Magic as they fired Head Coach Stan Van Gundy and also decided to part ways with GM Otis Smith who had gave Howard all the power in Orlando.

With the offseason in full bloom now we have seen Howard change his mind a few times but also clear up that his number one choice is still the Brooklyn Nets. Saying if he doesn’t get traded he will play out the season in Orlando and wait till free agency next year where Atlanta, Dallas, and the Lakers are going to be heavily after the big man to keep their rosters at the highest level possible. Howard will more then likely be gone from Orlando before the 2012-13 season if the team makes the right moves that will benefit them from losing one of the top defensive players in the league.

Coming into the off-season we knew it would be filled with drama and numerous changes to some NBA rosters but many of us saw this Dwight Howard drama coming whether we wanted to see it or not. My best advice to Dwight Howard is stay out of the news and go about you business to decide you future with the team that best bits you. Until then please stop drawing attention to yourself, your only hurting your own image.


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