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What Miami must do this offseason to stay on top

July 3, 2012

If the Miami Heat want to do one of the toughest thing in modern day sports that need to make a move or two to keep there roster balanced out with their 3 all star players. Coming off an incredible post season run in which the Miami Heat were down in 3 straight series and still managed to claim the NBA championship when the season was over. With Mike Miller and James Jones contemplating retirement the Heat will need to make some moves to keep a bench that can compete with some of the best in the NBA and with this off season filled with role players the Heat should have no problem filling the voids on this team.

Rashard Lewis, Chris Kaman, Ray Allen, Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry, and Marcus Camby are all likely candidates to make a visit with the Miami Heat in the most recent version of free agency in the NBA. Ray Allen could be the biggest pick up the Miami Heat could get this off-season, although he is coming off a slow end of the season which resulted in surgery for bone spurs in his foot Ray Allen should be ready to return in great shape as he always does. If Ray Allen could make his way onto the Heat roster he would become the biggest threat on this team and would benefit from the style of play that LeBron James and Dwayne Wade both poses which both are fearless at getting to the basket. Ray Allen would find himself wide open on numerous occasions doing what he does best, hitting 3’s.

Rashard Lewis would be another huge pick up for a team that lacked size and size that can shoot from 15+ft and Lewis could fill that void. Proving himself as a 3 point shooter that hits big shots at big times Lewis could make the Heat much more difficult to guard. If Rashard Lewis could end up with the Heat this would continue to spread the floor for a team that plays this type of game very well and Lewis makes the Heat that much better.

Jason Terry and Jamal Crawford are both long shots but both would help the Heat greatly off the bench as they both are capable of putting up 15-25 on any given night off the bench. This would make the Heat bench the best it has been in the era of the big 3 in Miami. Both have been named the 6th man of the year in their respected NBA careers and could continue there success in Miami on a championship caliber team.

Size, one thing every NBA team could use and the Miami Heat could use it most. Chris Bosh could convert and play the center position but Miami needs a reliable back up to come in an beat up on the big guys from other teams and this is where Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby come into play. Both could come off the bench and deepen this Miami squad in a much needed way. Getting bigger will make it less work for LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Joel Anthony in the future on this team. Miami needs to get a big and they need one by next season as every other team continues to add big pieces to their teams. This off-season could be huge for Miami and the moves they make will determine if they can go back to back in the 2012-2013 campaign.


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