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Nuggets Kenneth Faried’s sophomore season

July 11, 2012

When The Nuggets drafted Kenneth Faried with the 22nd overall pick in the 2011 draft they knew they were getting a hard worker that has been undersized at his position his entire life. Faried is listed at 6’8 and numerous times is matched up against other teams power forward or sometimes center, but never backing down Faried is one of the most ferocious young rebounders in the game. Bouncing around like Dennis Rodman, battling like Ron Artest, and getting in the air like Barkley, Faried is one of the best rebounding big men in the game already.

Coming into the NBA Faried was known as one of the hardest workers that college basketball could remember and he continued that success at the next level. Being able to rebound with the best of them has made Faried a key part to the future of the Denver Nuggets who are a contender in the Western Conference. If Faried can come back his sophomore season and continue to what he started in his first year in the league this kid has a bright future. Pulling down 7.7 Rebounds per game in only 22.5 minutes a game are some good numbers for a young man in the NBA who was held back from a locked out season as well.

Coming into this season Faried is projected to start for the Nuggets and play a major role in what they want to get done this next season. The Nuggets will be looking to run teams out of the gym this next season and with a big man that can run the court the Nuggets will be able to do just that. Faried is able to take advantage of other big men by getting out in transition on offense and beating the defense back for easy layups or dunks. Faried learned a lot in only one short season and showed us how bright of a future he has if he continues to work.


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